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25 07 2018
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The Security of Your Employees is Worth It

For years the biggest disadvantage of evacuation in companies and offices is the lack of precise information on movement and current location of employees. This is a deadly danger for staff. However, Smart Technology Group solves this problem.

Every time the aim of evacuation stays the same: move all employees from endangered area as quick as only possible. Therefore the system of precise location is a crucial element strengthening evacuation effectiveness. If evacuation coordinator has not a genuine knowledge on employees current location and time, then his chances to act are definitely limited. Consequences of such situation may be tragic. Location ? necessary in real time -is for sure the important element of cooperation between medical , emergency and coordinator himself.

Emergency representatives, right after arriving at the accident scene must be immediately informed if there are any people left in factory. And if they are, it must be known where to look for them.

The disastrous series of accidents in companies and factories is the strongest proof of how potentially dangerous the weak evacuation system of evacuation is. Only naming few accidents is enough to present, how many employees across the world lost their lives or suffered from burning or mental disorders.

One of the biggest fire in factory happened in Bangladesh in 2012. Over 120 people died during unsuccessful evacuation. Rescuers managed to save only these people who reached a roof. Rest of people became jailed in factory. They burnt alive due to lack of tracking people in real time system.

In developed countries the same problem is visible, too. In 2017 in USA in New York, there was a fire in cosmetics factory. Over 40 people were wounded, including 7 fire officers, who did not have correct information how many employees were still in a building.

Fatal evacuations are Europe?s nightmare, too. In 2016 in Ludwigshafen there was a fire which caused a serious damages of six employees, who were sent to hospital for a long treatment. Number of injured resulted from insufficient security provided during evacuation.

In Poland one of the most dangerous accident occurred due to explosion in a powder factory in Mąkolno in Lower Silesia in 2017. It brought severe losses, including death of two employees. Their burnt bodies were found after 5-hour long search.

Seeing such serious gaps in work safety, engineers from Smart Technology Group suggested innovative solution. It is Evacuation Management System: world first-ever product providing evacuation coordinator, as well as other people managing this process, with full information, crucial for employees.

In Evacuation Management System information is equal to safety. Thanks to modern technology, developed by Krakow start-up Smart Technology Group, coordinator knows, how many people has to reach assembly point. He can track employees in a real time and he has an instant access to constantly updated list of employees who have already approached safe point. All process of data transfer is fully automatized. It means that coordinator does not have to make any actions to receive such information. Employees are also automatically identified ? they do not have to initiate any activities.

The main advantage of Evacuation Management System is guarantying 100% effective evacuation and the increase of safety among employees. During evacuation coordinator is obliged to bring all of them to assembly point. Every lost second, mistake during staff counting or wrong information given to rescuers ? all of this can result in tragic consequences. Therefore it is so important to compare as quick as only possible the total number of evacuated employees to those ones who are already safe at assembly point.

With such solution as Evacuation Management System from Smart Technology Group, all fatal accidents mentioned earlier can be eliminated: right after arriving to factory rescuers would learn from evacuation coordinator how many people are missing and what was their last known location.

Evacuation Management System is a reliable and modern system which increases the safety level of employees working in any factory or office.