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27 03 2018
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The Mastery Debut Of Cracow?s Startup In Amsterdam

During Intertraffic 2018, one of the biggest European trade fairs for car park sector, Smart Technology Group presented its breakthrough solution for activity that everyday touches the lives of million drivers.

This activity is of course driving in and driving out car park. Nowadays drivers most often use remote controls or codes. Both methods have their disadvantages: they are unreliable, take time and may cause street jams. Especially on car parks belonging to factories or ones owned by corporations. Idea developed by Smart Technology Group can eliminate these inconveniences.


Visiting Intertraffic for the first time, startup from Cracow brought to capital of Netherlands its flaghship reader Master 01. This is a device that long before fairs gained general interest, becoming the most often awarded RFID device in Central and Eastern Europe. It is no wonder that stand of Smart Technology Group was so eagerly visited.


?All our guests were interested how we managed to put three wireless technologies in one reader. Up to now, nobody has seen such device which would use RFID, Bluetooth and GSM simultaneously? ? Phd. Eng. Karolina Kozlowska (CEO) summarizes Intertraffic 2018. ?Thanks to its innovation, Master 01 allows to open gate in three ways. Driving in car park is comfortable as never before.?

Just a windshield sticker, ID card with RFID card, smartphone (which needs to be shaken or has an appropriate app installed) or an ordinary phone are enough to drive in car park. The biggest comfort is provided with RFID module. A vehicle is identified with no driver?s involvement, automatically and from great distance. Cars move fluently as they don?t have to stop.


?We were frequently visited by specialists who appreciated that reader Master 01 is equipped with 4 relay outputs and it can work in autonomous and system mode. First option means that reader doesn?t use computer nor control software. Master 01 uses its own drivers? database to open gate? ? explains PhD. Eng. Karolina Kozlowska.

The best proof for innovation of Krakow?s company are numerous awards such as Innovation Laurel, Leader of New Technologies or success in Jerusalem Start Competition. Smart Technology Group has been recently announced as one of Top 10 startups in Central and Eastern Europe. All features of Master 01 can be tested during Securex (April 24-26) in Poznan IFSec (June 19-21) in London. This company from Cracow will be in both locatons.