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27 07 2017
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Sell with Smart Technology Group

Trade offer expanded with advanced RFID products. Increased number of clients. Growing sale profits. Such effects will be generated thanks to business cooperation with Smart Technology Group.

There are two pillars on which retail success is built. First one is to offer products unavailable at rival shops. Second one is to fulfill customers? needs as much as it is possible, especially these challenged which have not been answered yet. Thanks to business cooperation with Smart Technology Group, producer of SMART RFID brand, these two pillars are visibly strengthened. Therefore, it is wise to start selling SMART RFID products such as readers, tags or antennas. They are created for such applications as drive in/out control, access control, evacuation systems, stock taking or real-time location systems.

Success Lies in SMART RFID

SMART RFID brand is created by various devices. They all are combined with one groundbreaking idea. They can use different wireless technologies simultaneously. Hence, they offer functionalities which up to now have been unachievable. SMART RFID incorporates RFID UHF, Bluetooth/beacons, Wifi, ZigBee and GSM/GPRS. With this idea, devices from Smart Technology Group have been praised all around the world and in Poland, where company resides, have become the most often awarded RFID products. RFID UHF reader Master 01 deserves special mention as it is equipped with plenty of innovative ideas: 4 relay outputs, Wiegand controller and 5 working modes (incl. autonomous, system and smart).

Team led by PhD. Eng. Karolina Kozlowska, Smart Technology Group CEO, has remarkable successes as RFID UHF tag in a form of lanyard. It is perfect for time attendance systems, access control or employees? engagement monitoring. It is also the basic tool for creating sure RFID-based evacuation systems.

All SMART RFID products stand out with their flexibility scalability and versatility which makes them easy to be adapted for such various environments as factories, hospitals, car parks or warehouses and shops.

Cooperation with Smart Technology Group will allow every stockist to enrich his sale offer.

Higher Level of Support

But Smart Technology Group offers something more than only introducing SMART RFID products into sale offer. Company provides full support: technical, training and marketing.

Engineers from Smart Technology Group will organize training sessions for sale personnel and servicemen. During such sessions, Smart Technology Group representatives will explain how SMART RFID products work, how to install and configure them properly. They will share with multimedia presentations and instructions, which will make understanding the rules of SMART RFID surprisingly easy.

It is crucial that Smart Technology Group is the exclusive manufacturer of readers (fixed and mobile), tags and antennas. Company?s personnel know perfectly well the specification of every device and can answer every question relating to it. With such support, SMART RFID stockist can enjoy a rare work comfort.

Visibly the Best

The partners of Smart Technology Group are also guaranteed with an access to the vast resources of marketing materials, made to support sale. They are highly applicative and work great in everyday contacts with customers. They are also comfortable due to their diverseness. Marketing materials are composed with movies, instructions, folders, leaflets, reports, multimedia presentations.

There is no problem to contact Smart Technology Group and ask them to prepare new materials, individually adjusted to stockist?s needs and his customers? expectations.

Time to Act

It doesn?t take much to start selling such devices as RFID UHF reader Master 01, mobile reader RFID UHF Neo 01 or lanyard tag, Just contact the company representatives by mailing them at: with information about willingness to cooperate. It is recommended to include some short explanation about company and own expectations considering cooperation.