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24 07 2018
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How Retail Can Benefit From Digital Signage with SMART RFID?

Warehouses full of useless goods, lines of customers waiting for shop consultant and expensive, ineffective advertisement. These are the problems of this part of retail which has not learnt about digital signage with SMART RFID yet, the solution developed by start-up Smart Technology Group.

Meet digital signage with SMART RFID

Thanks to SMART RFID, the already existing advertising technology digital signage is now extended with additional features. Up to now, screens were used as typical advertising tools. Only after implementing SMART RFID, digital signage becomes a genuine data treasury for shop personnel, shop managers and brand owners. It allows to measure the level of customers? interest in products sold in shop. With such new possibilities, advertising standards and product selling is improved. And it helps in establishing and maintaining relationship with client, answering to his personal interests and shopping preferences.

Digital signage with SMART RFID has a similarly useful role for customers. In a simple way it delivers information on any good which is marked with SMART RFID tags: its availability, technical features, details regarding ingredients, as well as price or promotion.

Let?s look at advantages

Firstly, visualization always works. About 73% of customers decide to buy product if they could earlier watch its movie presentation.

Image is a key when it comes to targeting customer?s mind at his own needs and ways they can be achieved. Customers, when deciding to buy floor tiles to a new kitchen, wishes to compare various colours and structures and to see how they would look in his apartment. This is when digital signage with SMART RFID comes to help. Combination of a traditional advertisement tool with innovation from Smart Technology Group allows to present to a customer any eye-catching visualizations. It can be done after nearing product to a digital signage device ? a modern product presentation will be presented on a screen, encouraging client to make a shopping decision. Plus, client will learn everything in detail about product, with no necessity to wait for consultant and asking him any questions.

Growing customer awareness makes that clients want to learn as much about product as only possible ? before purchasing it. What is it made of, what are its models, what is its performance, is it ecological, does it support non-profit organization? To gather such information, customer had to reach for catalogues or ask shop personnel (to which there is already a long line?). In case of digital signage with SMART RFID, such information is close at hand.

Secondly, personalization.

Despite many advantages, a typical digital signage system has significant flaws. On screens the same content is presented all the time. It definitely limits digital signage effectiveness, resulting in decreasing customers? interest in displayed advertisements. Such advertisements, if they ought to fulfil their basic role, should be targeted at specific, individual needs. Many retail experts claim that personalization is one of top priority element in creating marketing strategy for any company. Thanks to SMART RFID such approach can be applied for digital signage, too. Device in a newer version can identify customers passing by ? on condition that they carry loyalty card with SMART RFID tag or shopping mobile application with themselves. Basing on shopping preferences saved on loyalty card or mobile app, digital signage will display a correlating ad.

57% of customers is effectively affected by advertising presented on the basis of their location.

Customer can be recognized by digital signage. Therefore, any person entering a shop will be greeted with proper communicate ? e.g. about promotions and products offer. What?s important, communications can be tailored to specific shopping preferences of this particular woman or man. They don?t have to use presented offer immediately, but they become familiar with it. They will be extra motivated for further shopping. Digital signage screens presenting personalized communications can be placed inside boutique, as well.

Thirdly ? effective goods management.

Database collected by digital signage with solution developed by Smart Technology Group can be used not only for customers identification and observing their individual needs. Products movement is monitored as well: which goods were most frequently seen by clients and then bought and which were put back on a shelf. Thanks to that, shop personnel has an access to relevant information regarding expectations and behaviours of customers. Personnel can more effectively adjust shop offer by eliminating less interesting products and order more goods which are attractive for consumers. Sale policy and price fixing can be better managed as well.

Better personnel productivity, deepened stats regarding customers preferences and more effective prosales influence ? these are barely some aspects brought to retail by digital signage with SMART RFID. Thanks to that innovation created by Smart Technology Group, entrepreneurs can more competently manage their brand. As the result, it will be strengthened on a marked and bigger number of clients will be motivated to shop right there.