Smart Technology Group

Summer Holidays with SMART RFID

In summer months, hotels are bustling with tourists and many festivals are full of concert goers. This is also the period of strong competition in tourism industry. SMART RFID products will help it in generating bigger profits. Technological innovations emerging in hotels or during cultural events cannot be surprising anymore. Tourism is a very dynamical […]


SMART RFID: The Sitxth Star For Your Hotel

Full control over hotel assets, modern conference service, multidimensional comfort for guests and prestigious brand of friendly and innovative place. All this ? and more ? can be guaranteed by SMART RFID, highly advanced products from Smart Technology Group.


Optimize Your Office with SMART RFID

The growing number of tasks, urgent deadlines and pressing competitors make that everyday job is disturbed with chaos and burden. Yet thanks to SMART RFID brand products, order will come to your office and your effectivity will increase.


Real Life Scenario: A Missing Package

It really happened: renowned courier company lost our package. It didn?t reach addressee, what caused the evident losses: prestigious and financial. Thereby SART RFID is such a long-awaited solution for courier companies and millions of clients using their services.


Tour de RFID

Among many wireless technologies, RFID UHF is the one that deserves the yellow jersey for winner. This technology proved it by its multifunctionality, durability and precision. It will work perfectly well for sport events, including cycling.


How to Buy SMART RFID Products?

The market of RFID UHF products has a lot to offer. They can be bought directly from producers or their distributors. However, only SMART RFID brand products guarantee you such many advantages. Plus, you get expert customer service and after-sales support.