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14 06 2018
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7 reasons why you should visit Smart Technology Group at IFSEC

As IFSEC in London is approaching, we give you 7 solid reasons to visit and stay a bit longer at our stand (F518).

If you are curious what makes us a ?Top10 start-up in Central & Eastern Europe? (according to Mass Challenge experts), “Top50 The Most Creative Companies in Poland” and why we have been awarded in various prestigious competitions (such as Start Jerusalem Competition, Polish Tech Night or Retail Innovation), then IFSEC is a great opportunity to answer all your questions. Come to us, learn about our ideas and talk with us. It will not take long and it will be worth it.

Master 01, this ground-breaking RFID UHF reader is the most often awarded RFID UHF device in Central and Eastern Europe. No wonder: it is first ever reader which combines all key Internet of Technologies: RFID, Bluetooth and GPRS/GSM. If you are looking for genuine innovations for parking management, access control or real-time location systems, then you just have to see that reader.

IFSEC is the best place and right time to learn first-hand about the latest solutions which are likely to introduce some big changes in industry. We will bring Evacuation Management System to London ? this is our original approach for increasing employees? safety at work by using RFID UHF technology in creative way. With our solution, evacuation coordinator finally has an access to real-time knowledge about location of people that need to be evacuated.

RFID technology is powerful and can offer a tremendous opportunities. But combined with Bluetooth and GPRS/GSM, it becomes a never seen before solution for car park management. So strengthened technology is now available in our reader Master 01. With that device at your car park, gate can be opened for three ways: with windshield sticker (RFID), smartphone and mobile application (Bluetooth) and by dialling a number on any phone (GSM).

London is famous for its openness and liberal atmosphere, making this city as one of the most friendliest space in Europe. You can experience unprecedented freedom at Smart Technology Group stand. Our products allow for touchless car park management in every weather conditions and from great distance. They faultlessly and automatically identify people and vehicles. Car park owners can enjoy great variety of installation options and choose different versions of readers made by Smart Technology Group. Such freedom wasn?t given before. Never.

PhD. Eng. Karolina Kozlowska (CEO) is one of the leading RFID experts in Poland. Thanks to her bold vision, such innovations as Master 01 or tag lanyard have been developed. She is always very keen to talk about wireless technologies, car parks development and novelties in car park management. She also shares her knowledge. Even short conversation can be inspiring for you.

They say ?trend is your friend?. So befriend with newest ways for car park management. We will be presenting the most important ones: wireless technologies for opening gate, maximizing comfort of drivers using car park, technical novelties in reader?s construction. You will find them all at our IFSEC stand (F518).