Smart Technology Group

About us

SMART Technology Group is a Polish hi-tech company founded to develop and produce innovative and functional intelligent technology solutions.

SMART Technology Group is the only company in the world to develop RFID UHF readers that combine RFID, Beacon, WiFi, ZigBee, and GPRS technologies in such an innovative way.

Think Smart

It is our motto when we work, think, and design devices, low- and high-level software, and whole systems. We design multi-purpose products that are user-friendly, easy to integrate, economical, and reliable.

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We build our devices from the scratch. We start our design process with the user and their comfort when using our products in mind.

Our readers are the only ones to combine various intelligent technologies that provide the user with unlimited integration and application possibilities.

Out-of-the-box thinking and creative approach to hi-tech products make our readers define new wireless communication technology standards.

?Think Smart? is not just about merging technologies but also about the very construction of products and systems. Our readers are the only modular products available in the market, which provide the user with the possibility to configure them and expand in the future. It makes them a highly functional, convenient, and economical solution.
Our greatest asset is ambitious and gifted people who pursue their passions at work. SMART Technology Group places its trust in people as we believe our success to be the result of our team's effort. We create innovative and pioneer solutions that are born from our own ideas and projects. Our R&D department is the heart of the company. It employs the most gifted engineers and creative scientists.
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Our Team is made up of workers who earned their experience in Polish, French, and Swiss companies, academic institutions and universities such as AGH University of Science and Technology, Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology in Kraków, Silesian University of Technology, Münster University of Applied Sciences, German Aerospace Centre, Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, and others.

We have filed a number of patent applications, published several dozen scientific and technical papers, taken parts in international science conferences, won prizes and distinctions for scientific achievements, and gained a long experience in large international research projects.

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