Smart Technology Group



Smart Technology Group, called by Bridge to Mass Challenge ?Top10 start-up? and winner of Start Jerusalem Competition, will present its cutting-edge solutions for car park management and real time locations systems, including first-ever evacuation management system (stand F518).
Polish company will debut at London event. To make its appearance more powerful and attractive, Smart Technology Group will bring it?s the most often awarded RFID UHF reader Master 01. With this device, which for the first time combines all key Internet of Things technologies, it becomes possible to open car park barrier or gate only with windshield sticker, smartphone or any phone. Master 01 uses RFID UHF, Bluetooth and GPRS/GSM simultaneously giving drivers unavailable before comfort and wide choice of method how to enter car park.
The same reader Master 01 is the heart of evacuation management system. Such system revolutionizes the safety standards in factories and offices. It allows to track location of every employee at any time. Evacuation coordinator has a real-time access to information who has left endangered area and arrived at assembly point.
Solutions developed by Smart Technology Group has attracted a lot of attention in past months. Polish company was awarded in such prestigious competitions as Bridge to Mass Challenge, Start Jerusalem Competition and Polish Tech Night.
To learn more about Smart Technology Group ideas for car park management, real time location systems and evacuation management system, visit company?s stand no. F518.