Smart Technology Group

2016 in Smart Technology Group



In 2016 we worked very hard to move your job easier and more comfortable. We invested a lot of energy and time to make your business more profitable. We looked for new solutions and products so you could find success.

Watch our movie with the best moments from 2016.

This is how I can summarize 2016 in a shortest way. Our every move and decision was planned as something that should bring you real improvement. In planning, in daily routine, in management, in customer service. As your business has many aspects, we wished to support you in various ways.

We offered you new products of SMART RFID brand: tag-lanyards, smart shelves, and portals. We also upgraded our flagship RFID UHF reader Master 01 with new functionalities such as smart mode and GSM/GPRS module. Throughout the previous year, we carefully listened to your remarks and identified your needs. Therefore, we wanted to guarantee you an access to the most complex RFID devices.

We launched YouTube channel with movie instructions, explaining you how to fully benefit from various options available in SMART RFID. We published some more reports, like recent ?R for RFID, R for retail?, informing on SMART RFID advantages and presenting RFID technology itself in a broader light.

To be closer to you, we travelled a lot and started a lot of new business partnerships. As a result, it is easier to obtain our products. We are more than happy to see that they have become popular and sparkled interest in such countries as Norway, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

As 2017 has already begun, I can see that this year would be even more busy for us. We have great number of plans how to support you in your business, whether it is retail, car park, logistics or security and access control. More details from Smart Technology Group ? coming soon.