Smart Technology Group

Launch of SMART RFID Lab



Smart Technology Group and The University of Dabrowa Gornicza signed cooperation agreement. Its result is Smart RFID Lab ? new research and development initiative which creates great opportunity for students to participate in developing new RFID solutions. Within it the new tools designed by Smart Technology Group engineers will be tested.

Meeting in the University of Dabrowa Gornicza, during which the agreement was signed, was the finalization of talks between both sides. ?We treat this challenge very seriously, but we also approach it with great enthusiasm? ? declares PhD Eng. Karolina Kozlowska, Smart Technology Group CEO and one of the SMART RFID Lab initiators. ?The chance to cooperate with academia is absolutely valuable for us. We are thoroughly convinced that it would result in improving our products or even developing entirely new solutions thanks to tight cooperation with professors and students from University?.

Innovative solutions are the trademark of Smart Technology Group. As the only company in the world, it improved RFID technology with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS and ZigBee, creating multifunctional tool SMART RFID. It can be used in many industries (retail, access control, logistic or health) for numerous purposes such as stocktaking, anti-theft systems or customer service. SMART RFID has been already awarded with prestigious prizes such as Retail Innovation 2015, Laurel of Innovation or The Leader of New Technologies.


SMART RFID Lab is the first Polish initiative allowing students to directly participate in developing RFID technology that is becoming more and more popular. Radio identification is used all over the world by e.g. Zara, Toyota, Walmart, Port of Singapore or Metro Group. Polish students will face unique chance to gain professional experience: they will write papers under Smart Technology Group experts supervision. Join research & development projects are planned, as well as university conferences and internship program, preparing students to start professional career in new technology field.