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Access Control

Using SMART RFID provides protection against unauthorized passage. In addition, access permissions for each user or group can be changed in real time. READ MORE


Smart RFID in commerce can prevent losses, saves time and resources, and, what is the most important, actually increases sales. Smart RFID can improve back office and front office. It can automatically identify deliveries, transfers of goods from warehouse to store and between stores or warehouses. READ MORE


A successful inventory is based on the accuracy of its results. There is no tool on the market that would assure a higher level of accuracy than SMART RFID. It achieves excellent results - approx. 99.5%. READ MORE

Logistics and supply chain

SMART RFID technology facilitates quick and effective inventory taking and material and asset flow control in supply chain, which leads to reduction in stock. SMART RFID can help mitigate theft-related losses and prevent mistakes in loading and dispatch. Application of SMART RFID in logistics and supply chain prevents losses and saves time and resources. READ MORE

Car Park Management

SMART RFID for car parks is a combination of advantages of radio remote controls and access cards. A tag can be put on a car window so that the driver does not have to do anything: no touching the tag to a reader or using a remote control. SMART RFID reader is the only device in the market with relay outputs, which facilitates direct control of a barrier/gate. READ MORE


RFID technology in production processes allows to track every component and element (e.g. when it was installed). It is possible to make decisions in real time, considering goods or employees relocation. RFID sensor helps in a great way in collecting data. As a result, the analysis of whole process becomes more effective and brings more satisfying results. READ MORE

Tourism and hotels

RFID implementation in tourism industry usually serves as a factor increasing the efficiency of marketing activities, improving the quality of services for tourists and broadening offer. Up to now, RFID has been most often used by stakeholders representing hotels, fun parks and industrial laundries. READ MORE


RFID technology, famous for its durability and resistance to all weather conditions and as well as for its high precision in identification, is perfectly fitted to be used in various sports disciplines. The basic area of implementation is real-time players tracking (e.g. cyclists or runners). It is useful especially during long and diversified (in terms of tracks) competition. READ MORE


The key advantage of RFID implementation at airports is saving time, both for passengers and airport employees. As a results, airport crew may dedicate more of their time to customers and professional services. This is good news especially for those passengers, who rarely visit airport and may feel there a bit lost or confused. READ MORE


The most important area of RFID implementation in coal mining is safety. Therefore tags, antennas and RFID readers are used to create effective real time location systems (RTLS) to locate miners. In emergency situations, when every second counts, RFID will help in quick and precise location of imprisoned people. READ MORE


One of the biggest challenge for driver when it comes to highways are toolboths. They decrease the traffic flow and often are the reason of significant traffic jams. Technology RFID is an appropriate solution to eliminate such problem and facilitate driving thru toolboths. It allows to automatize the time-consuming process of manual payment done by drivers. How is it possible? Toolboths with highway staff will be replaced with RFID toolboths that have antennas built in. RFID tags, put on the windshield, will be activated by antennas. Activated signal will be sent to RFID reader, and then to central unit. Then, advanced software, integrated with internet banking systems, will charge driver?s bank account with the proper amount of money. READ MORE


RFID technology is a significant facilitating factor for conferences organization. What?s more, it gives such events the unique atmosphere, especially from the guests? point of view. By handing them the identification cards with tags (or simply, tags-leashes) it is possible to immediately verify the list of presence during conference. The personalization of conference message becomes real. Thanks to RFID it is possible to display on single LCD screen or infokiosk the information adjusted to personal preference of guest which has been previously identified due to his tag. Guest has just to stand or pass through screen ? in the distance defined by organizers ? and message will be displayed. READ MORE


The army is a complicated machinery that consists of the great number of elements, components and subgroups. Their showcase cooperation, with the thinnest-possible margin of error, is crucial for the right functioning of military mechanism and providing safety for all. In this case, RFID technology is used in first place for items tracking and inventory. READ MORE


Advertising has approached RFID features in creative way, effectively using them to build positive image of clients, to run and execute loyalty programs and prosales actions. By simply adding tags to loyal customer cards, the personalization of relationship between brand and customer has reached an unprecedented level. Customer is recognized just after entering the boutique (thanks to tag placed on card) and then, on the screens inside it, there are displayed commercials tailored to his shopping preferences. READ MORE

Health service

SMART RFID is the effective remedy for health care and hospitals, which are troubled with many challenges. Our solution helps in:

  • increasing the quality of patient care
  • optimizing the costs of management
  • adjusting to law regulations.
  The Patient Electronic Identification SMART RFID works fabulously in everyday patient care. Wristbands equipped with RFID tags can contain all data regarding therapy, drugs doses or patient?s medical condition and one?s illnesses as well as surgeries. To read such data, e.g. during a doctor?s round, mobile RFID UHF reader is needed. It can obtain data from tag without visual contact with it, from 8-12 meters distance and through blanket or patient?s pajamas. Time needed for that action is 1 second and accuracy is 100%. Wristbands can be used many times and data can be easily modified, removed, or expanded. They are also very capacious: they will contain much more data than e.g. barcodes.   Stock Taking of Hospital Assets No other tool than SMART RFID products can guarantee such precise, instant and comfortable stock taking of drugs and hospital equipment:
  • error-free identification of 300 products in 1 second
  • scanning from 8 meters
  • identification without visual contact and through obstacles.
Variety of tags? sizes and shapes make it possible to mark with them any products. Even the smallest ones. Tags are also very durable ? medical sterilization will not harm them.   Access Control With SMART RFID, entry access to hospital rooms, offices, and hospital devices can be granted, limited, or restricted. Authorization is written into lanyard, wristband or ID worn by hospital personnel. In that manner:
  • people, who can enter specific rooms are selected
  • patients are prohibited from leaving room or ward;
  • people entering/leaving specific room are monitored and registered.
SMART RFID frees hospital personnel from remembering and constant typing n code or putting ID to scanner. Access is granted automatically, without any action taken by SMART RFID tag owner.   Antitheft Protection Drugs and expensive hospital equipment marked with SMART RFID tags are effectively protected from theft. Any attempt of stealing them will launch alarm. It is also possible to replace sound alarm with e-mail notification sent directly to specific person. SMART RFID flexibility allows to grant hospital personnel with various authorizations for relocating or moving hospital equipment or drugs. If person does not have required authorization (which is written into tag), alarm will be turned on.   Profits for Hospital Elimination of patient care mistakes ? precise information about patient?s therapy and history, saved in RFID wristbands, are easily read by mobile RFID UHF readers. Better work comfort for hospital personnel ? doctor?s round is performed faster and full access to information about patients is guaranteed. Reduction of financial losses caused by thefts ? effective protection is provided. Optimization of supplies and stock management (e.g. drugs) ? with precise stock-taking it is easy to control stock level and effectively plan future deliveries. More effective control over personnel and patients ? thanks to smooth and flexible access granting for enter to rooms or use of hospital assets.   Radio identification wireless technology creates many possibilities for facilitating the management in health service. RFID tags are just few tags that will work even after sterilization. This means, that contrary to beacons, they are perfect for medical equipment inventory. Apart from durability of tags, they are also very varied in terms of size. They can be used to tag every, even those smallest and most delicate, tools. READ MORE
Evacuation Management System

Design evacuation with SMART RFID! Safe, precise and smooth - this is Evacuation Management System. When every second counts, you can locate any person in real time. People identification is automatic: nor them, nor evacuation coordinator don't have to initiate any action. At every moment emergency service can obtain the list of people still being in endangered zone and those who have already reached assembly point. READ MORE