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09 06 2017
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Why Does ?Made In?? Matter When You Choose RFID UHF Tools?

When buying RFID UHF reader, antenna or tags, the first criterion is always technical features. The price is important, too. But it is rarely considered where it was produced. And this is a mistake.

RFID UHF market is dominated by China. Not only because of the mass-scale of contracts, generated mainly by Chinese authorities. In Middle Country, the vast majority of tags and RFID UHF antennas is manufactured. Relatively many of these devices used for stock-taking, access control or real-time location systems are sold to Europe. Buyers are attracted primarily by very competitive price.

At this stage of selection, it is recommended, however, to analyze all pros and cons of trade cooperation with China producer and producer from Europe or USA producer. Buying RFID UHF is a decision that will affect our business for several future years. Let?s then ask a question: is it better to order SMART RFID products from their manufacturer Smart Technology Group or choose some no-name tools?


Safety Guaranteed

RFID UHF products are very often used to increase safety of employees. Readers and tags work extraordinary well in real time location systems, especially for evacuation, people tracking and production monitoring. RFID UHF tools used for such strategic areas must guarantee the absolute flawless functioning. A responsible and reliable manager even for a moment would not think to prioritize savings over employees? safety or factory?s smooth operations.

Therefore, it is better to select trusted, recommended tool. Even if it is a little bit more expensive that no-name products. Yet for a bigger price we are offered certainty and comfort of use. Such tools will not break and future expenses (e.g. service, repair, or exchange) will be probably close to 0.

Additionally, when considering RFID UHF tools for security systems, it is more often to choose products manufactured in countries that are NATO members.


Support on Products Choice

When we decide to select direct producer, then we can be sure that we will be in direct touch with some experts. And we can (or even should) ask them about products that would suit our needs in the best way. We can request local vision during which experts will look closer at location where RFID UHF system will be installed. Then, basing on their knowledge, experience and place itself, they will recommend proper devices.

Such service is of course unavailable if we buy ?made in China? products.



Every RFID UHF system needs an individual approach. Starting from products selection, to its calibration, to installation and integration ? at every stage important decisions must be carefully taken. Only then whole system will work fine. Any mistake will destroy effort and will result in RFID UHF flawed system. There is no such thing as typical RFID UHF system. Every time, for every customer, for every location, it must be built from scratch.

Unfortunately, Chinese products work mainly in ?copy-paste? method. And thus, they cannot function properly. Final results are far from satisfying. Errors occur often, as well.


Technical Support

When buying RFID UHF or any other device using this technology from its direct manufacturer, we are provided with fast and seamless technical support. Including aftersale one, too. Producer knows its offer perfectly well. Its staff can calibrate it, install it and ingrate with other products or software used by customer. Staff knows what can be the reasons of crashes or malfunctioning. And knows how to fix them.

Ordering products manufactured far from our company, we are deprived of such comfort. Company which sells it to us, does not have the advanced expertise and attempts to establish contact with remote China take time, but are rarely successful.


Reputation Care

RFID UHF producer will care for own brand. It is his business to make his clients extremely happy and offer them smooth-working tools. On contrary there is a manufacturer, whose obligations towards customer are weaker due to great distance and mass-scale production. It is natural that client will receive better service from national or direct producer rather than from Chinese one.


?It Can?t Be Done?

Reasons why entrepreneurships implement RFID UHF are varied. Just as varied are challenges, which must be faced when RFID UHF systems are installed. It is hard to expect that company with headquarters on the other continent could provide us with the answer, how to solve issues with RFID UHF. The often answer we can get in such cases is simply: ?it can?t be done?.

RFID UHF manufacturer from our region will take completely different approach. Expert knowledge, direct contact with client and willingness to meet client?s expectations will make that he will do everything he can just to successfully complete order.