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09 06 2017
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Two-in-One or Stocktaking Integrated with Asset Management

Stocktaking and asset management aren?t the most exciting company?s duties that can be assigned. Yet they are vital to every company. Thanks to combination of SMART RFID and Exino, both actions become easier to perform and bring more positive effects.

Mention that stocktaking and asset management are burdensome is not accidental. Nature of these activities influence ? in a negative way ? the engagement of people who are assigned to perform them. It is difficult to motivate employees and to generate satisfying results. These tasks are monotonous, time-consuming, and general feeling of their pointlessness is doing its harm, too. How can an ordinary employee observe the results of stocktaking?

Unpleasant Duty

Aversion towards stocktaking is also caused by how complicated this task is. Every product must be found, described, catalogued, marked sometimes, and results must be compared with those from previous stocktaking.

But in many countries law is merciless and makes asset management and periodic stocktaking an obligatory activity. However, even if there weren?t such regulations, reasonable managers should perform regular stocktaking. This is the basic tool of control for correct cost calculations of asset. It helps in optimizing company?s expenses, as well: it is precisely clear, what should be purchased, what should be ordered and which expenditures should be stopped.

Double Power

Smart Technology Group and Exino noticed problems caused by both processes. They also listened carefully to their customers? complaints concerning the lack of tools allowing for integration of stocktaking results with asset management. There was no instrument which would give full control over each product, starting from the moment of its purchase, to putting it into company, using it and to removing it from company.

Having noticed such deficit, experts from both companies decided to cooperate. As a result, the ready-to-use product using technologically advanced solutions from Exino and Smart Technology Group has been created. Stocktaking is done with mobile RFID UHF reader NEO 01 and its results are sent to Exino platform, supporting register of goods, and managing the parts of assets.

Triplicated Novelties

Thing that especially attracts attention is the high level of innovation of that product. It is the logical result of fact that its component is very technologically advanced.

NEO 01 is a mobile reader using RFID UHF technology. This is undoubtedly the best technology for stocktaking. Using NEO 01 allows to scan correctly even 300 products in just 1 second. Items can be scanned through obstacles (e.g. those in cardboards) and without visual contact with tag, which item is marked with. Just standing with reader in your hand and making movements in air is the new way for performing stocktaking. All products within 8 meters will be properly identified.

Such new method brings positive effects. Stocktaking lasts shorter. Its results are more precise and their accuracy is 99,7%. Hence, it can be done more often and with engagement of smaller number of employees. In most cases, one employee will be perfectly enough.

Data gathered in such way is sent directly to Exino platform. This is also a modern solution, which is the answer for many challenges that companies face. It allows to manage with various type of assets and limitless reporting. To make it easy in use, the platform can be accessed via cloud, there is one efficient database, platform is managed with browser and data exchange between teams is smooth.

Exino platform has been designed as the functional expansion of existing management systems. Dedicated software tools and platform services provide two-way exchange of data with ERP systems. Exchange of data between Exino and accounting system is done with webservice built in platform.

Ready to Act

The last information, that for sure would be crucial for many interested in this new product, is fact that it can be instantly used. Time-consuming and complicated integration is unnecessary. Quickness, with which novelty from Smart Technology Group and Exino can be launched, signalizes quickness with which positive results generated by it, will be noticed.

You can learn more about Smart Technology Group and Exino offer here.