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21 07 2017
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The Highest Level of Profits: That Is What SMART RFID Is For

Every shop owner or manager oriented at increasing profits should look closely at SMART RFID. This is a solution which eliminates all disadvantages of barcodes. It has also more to offer than RFID only.

To pictorially present SMART RFID dominance over all other wireless technologies adapted retail, let?s imagine a three-level shop. On every level there is another technology used: barcodes, bare RFID and eventually, SMART RFID. There is no other difference between levels: they have the same area, the same suppliers, the same operational budget. However, difference between profits generated by every level is huge. Final financial outcome on level with barcodes and RFID is far smaller than one achieved on SMART RFID level.

How does it happen?


First thing you notice is: lack. Personnel lack of knowledge on products availability. Customer lack of certainty if they would get here a product they are looking for. Finally, lack of products themselves, which have not been ordered on time. It comes as no surprise that the last chain of this situation is lack of profits. If personnel do not know what is selling and customers do not have anything to purchase, how can one expect a satisfying turnover?

The basic reason for this are barcode features. They need to be scanned individually, from very close distance and scanner needs to have direct, visual contact with barcode. That makes the process of stocktaking very time consuming. Even despite engaging so many employees to it. What is worse, accuracy of barcode stocktaking is very low. As the result, employees do not know what the real level of stock is, which products are most desirable by customers and which are the least interesting and staying on shelves for too long.

Personnel?s lack of knowledge negatively affects supplies, which are planned to late or order does not match real needs. Therefore, sometimes it is hard or even impossible to find things which are most wanted. But even if such product is in a shop, question raises: where to find it? Sales staff don?t know what is the current product location. This is a burning issue especially in those shops in which customers can take products to hands and put it down in any place.

Client leaves a barcode shop and goes upstairs. What awaits him in a place, where RFID technology is used?

Passive RFID

Difference can be seen from the first seconds: shelves are better stocked, almost everything is in order and people are more satisfied. Similarly, easily a difference between barcode and RFID tag can be spotted. RFID tag is used to mark products. Goods marked with RFID tags can be scanned collectively (even to 300 items simultaneously), through obstacles (e.g. cardboards, shelves) and from a large distance (to 12 meters). Stocktaking is shortened and can be performed by one person. The accuracy of RFID stocktaking is impressive as well. These conditions make it possible to have full stocktaking not once in three months? but twice times every day.

So precise and frequent stocktaking results in full knowledge of personnel on available stock. It is clear to them which merchandise should be immediately ordered. Goods marked with RFID tags are also very easy to find. Localizing any product takes barely few moments. And this is definitely good news for customers.

They will be even more happy when they learn that RFID accelerates customer service at sash desk. Collective scanning takes only 6 seconds after which customer can pay and exit shop.

Exit and head to last floor ? floor where SMART RFID products rule.


Let?s start with short explanation. What is the difference between SMART RFID products and typical RFID devices? First ones use more than one wireless technology, such as Bluetooth with beacons or WiFi. Thanks to that expansion, loyalty program is two times more effective than standard one. It can reach customers using mobile application as well as ones using traditional loyalty card.

SMART RFID products (readers, antennas, and tags) guarantee the highest accuracy of products identification: 99,7%. Shelves are better fulfilled with suitable products and customers can always enjoy the widest choice. What cannot be said about shops on lower levels.

Searching for products comes easy, too. It can be done with mobile Neo 01 RFID UHF reader, or done with smart shelves which have fixed RFID UHF readers Master 01 built-in. Every time we will be precisely informed where any product is located.

In shops where SMART RFID products are in use, the chance of out-of-stock situation is close to zero. Neither it happens that customer leaves shop empty-handed. Process of buying is more pleasant, as customer service at cash desk lasts no longer than 6 seconds. Hence, there are no queues in shops with SMART RFID products. Customer service is smooth.

We can see that only SMART RFID tools create so many conveniences that shopping becomes pure enjoyment. Loyalty program works with double force, products supplies match customers? demand and full shelves guarantee satisfaction of choice. And instant customer service at cash desk allows to serve more clients than in other shops.