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19 07 2017
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Summer Holidays with SMART RFID

In summer months, hotels are bustling with tourists and many festivals are full of concert goers. This is also the period of strong competition in tourism industry. SMART RFID products will help it in generating bigger profits.

Technological innovations emerging in hotels or during cultural events cannot be surprising anymore. Tourism is a very dynamical growing industry. Therefore, it is natural that its representatives are constantly looking for new solutions, in hope to reap multidimensional benefits. Starting from improving management process, increasing comfort of hotel staff and tourists, to better security from theft and costs reduction.

Let?s look closer how SMART RFID products from Smart Technology Group (such as RFID UHF readers, antennas, and tags) will work in various tourism sectors.

Airports: Protection Against Losing Baggage

It is extremely difficult to imagine more effective way for destroying summer holidays than losing baggage. Unfortunately, such misfortune happens quite regularly. Only in 2015 23 million of suitcases and bags have been lost or there have been delays with delivering them to owners. One of every 150 passengers must deal with that bad luck. On average, 6,5 bags are missing on every 1000 passengers. It is obvious that they suffer not only from losing their belongings ? it is also very stressful for them. Airlines suffer, too: financially and in terms of their PR image.

These painful mistakes are the simple result of staff overlooking or barcodes imperfections. Latter are used for marking baggage checked in by people. Thanks to SMART RFID this problem can be easily solved. With SMART RFID products, it would be possible to precisely track every bag and suitcase starting from check-in, to transport to airplane and to moment when it would be picked again by its owner.

SMART RFID tags would be used to do that. They would replace barcode and all baggage would be marked with them. Such tag can contain much more information than typical barcode. It is also more resistant to damages. Therefore, there is no risk that tag would become indecipherable and a reader wouldn?t be able to scan it correctly. RFID tag would be identified by combination antenna ? RFID UHF reader. This reader is also more advanced than typical barcode scanner as it can identify even 300 tagged items simultaneously. With accuracy up to 99,7%. Item will be recognized from any distance, even from dozens of meters. Baggage identification is fully automated, without engaging any employee to manual and separate scanning of ever suitcase.

On every stage of undoubtedly complicated trip, which bag faces, it is easy to verify if bag has not been lost. SMART RFID allows passengers to monitor their luggage with their smartphones.

Latest statistics clearly show that RFID UHF adaptation on airports brings positive results. In 2007-2014 the number of lost suitcases decreased by 48,5%. Despite the visible growth of overall number of passengers by 30%.

RFID UHF will be becoming more and more popular on airports. Not only due to its unique features, but also because of IATA resolution 753 (International Air Transport Association). This document obliges airlines to monitor literally every bag. IATA recommends RFID UHF as the optimal solution for achieving this objective.

SMART Hotel = Maximal Relaxation

Equally important benefits will be generated by adapting SMART RFID in hotels, pensions, and sanatoriums. With RFID UHF readers, antennas and tags, a system can be built to help managers and owners in effective building management, help hotel staff to fulfil their everyday duties and increase comfort and security for tourists.

Flexibility and universality are outstanding features of SMART RFID products. Hence, they can be easily adapted for various situations and be used in different areas, such as monitoring, access control and inventory.

Once again, RFID tags will play crucial role. Hotel staff will be equipped with them, while hotel assets (as towels or beddings) will be marked with tags. These little markers make it possible to monitor hotel staff professional engagement: where people are in any given moment, how much time do they need for specific duties and what time they start and finish their shift. On the basis of that amount of information, not only HR department can successfully manage hotel team, but also manage it in real time to improve their effectiveness.

Marking hotel assets with RFID tags will be definitely useful for instant and accurate inventory. Thanks to SMART RFID, this disliked and monotonous activity is shortened to barely few minutes. And it brings better results, too. Employee equipped with mobile RFID UHF reader Neo 01 needs only few hand moves to perform full inventory. It is possible because RFID UHF technology allows for collective identification from significant distance. Contrary to barcodes and barcode scanner, Neo 01 reader does not need to ?see? tag directly. Such improved inventory affects hotel budget: it is known what is the current level of supplies, how many towels, beddings etc. are available and what should be bought immediately.

SMART RFID will help guests, as well. Products manufactured by Smart Technology Group create the number of possibilities to improve access control. When booking a room in hotel, tourist gets a virtual key room at his own smartphone. Thanks to that, he does not have to show himself at reception. Instead, he can directly go to room. Door can be opened in many ways. The most interesting one is to open it by shaking guest?s smartphone. It can be also opened with any phone, after dialing a special and individual number. Finally, RFID tags can be used as keys. They provide guests with great comfort as they don?t need to be taken out of pocket, purse, or suitcase to work. RFID UHF features guarantee that tags will work even through these obstacles. Tag will be correctly identified by antenna and reader will grant an access to a room.

Similarly, access to rooms is granted to hotel staff. Tags worn by employees contain individual range of authorizations, e.g. different for chiefs and kitchen service, different for cleaners and different for people working at reception. After recognizing employee, door will be automatically opened, with no need to type PIN code or put card to reader.

Events Under Control

For organizers of festivals, gigs or conferences, the biggest challenge is to guarantee the best arrangement: comfort, security, and order. How does SMART RFID work under those circumstances?

People going to festival can be given not ordinary tickets, but wristband, which is really a RFID tag. This wristband contains information about owner and defines which concerts and on which days he can participate in. Wristbands can have a detailed agenda of festival (dates, hours, locations, artists). It is helpful for concert goer: by standing near to LCD screen, he can see his schedule for a day.

But SMART RFID will work equally well also at smaller events. It can be seen at typical conferences. Guests receive ID cards with glued RFID tags. Every tag is personalized ? not only information about its owner, but also information about owner?s agenda. When standing next to screen, tag owner will see at what time starts the next part of conference and will see instruction to which room he shall go. He does not have to ask anyone about it or look for a room on his own. All information is presented to him in a most comfortable way.

SMART RFID products can be applied in many tourism sectors. Their universality and multifunctionality can fulfill needs and expectations of many target groups. Smart Technology Group offer is strongly supported by all RFID UHF adaptations in tourism. When it was used, it always brought positive results.