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13 02 2018
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Smart Technology Group summarizes 2017

The Polish tech startup closed 2017 with 100% increase of financial results in comparison with 2016. Therefore the annual sale plan was completed in 130%. Company won three prestigious international competitions as well.

During last year, Smart Technology Group effectively attracted attention. The opportunity to present SMART RFID, which is a crucial company?s brand allowing for a first time to use all Internet of Things key technologies, was held in Berlin Polish Tech Night competition.

This event is a precious sorce of information for entrepreneurs looking for foreign investor. With that group in mind, the organizers of Polish Berlin Tech society, German association of IT and ITC companies from Berlin and Brandenburg as well as Polish fund SpeedUp Venture Capital Group and German Saas company BST Media Solutions prepared the series of workshops. Why is Berlin so attractive to investors? Due to investors presence as well as many active accelerators (hubraum, Axel Springer Plug&Play or Techstars). Plus, Berlin is flourishing ecosystem with many experts from all around the world. Polish company worked hard and was selected to the group of 10 best startups in competition.

Equally successful for Smart Technology Group was Start Jerusalem Competition 2017, organized by Israel Embassy in Poland and Jerusalem Development Authority, an umbrella institution for startups representing 35 countries. Companies fought to be chosen for 5-day long innovative workshops in Jerusalem. As Israel is one of the nationwide leading tech innovation ecosystem, it was a great award for us to be called top-3 startup ? comments PhD Eng. Karolina Kozlowska, Smart Technology Group CEO.

The final success in this winning streak was the triumph in Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw, an international startup competition promoting the best Central and Eastern Europe young companies. From over 300 applicants, doing their best to be appreciated by experienced jury, it was Smart Technology Group idea which was found as the best one. Jurors agreed that it was breakthrough for many markets and up-to-date deployments and installations had proved its effectivity. Success in Bridge to MassChallenge Warsaw is even greater as Polish startup has been chosen as the best one by two independent groups of experts: jury and 150 professionals representing investors and CEO boards of companies from the globe. Such double victory is incredibly rare in competition history. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Smart Technology Group was unanimously called as one of the best startups in Central and Eastern Europe.

Smart Technology Group successes in so many competitions are the effect of thoughtful decisions regarding product development as well as the whole strategy. Our SMART RFID products are already answering global market challenges. They suit our clients? business needs, offering them solutions that no one has even suggested. SMART RFID is simply opening doors to new worlds ? summarizes PhD. Eng. Karolina Kozlowska.

In 2017 our financial results doubled compared to 2016. In January?18 we have already signed contracts that guarantee us projects equal to 60% of sales completed during all 12 previous months. We predict that such trend will remain and our sales will double again ? comments PhD Eng. Karolina Kozlowska.

Furter expansion of company, specialization and developing new products line for business and industry automatic (Industry 4.0) as well as significant export increase ? these are the main sources for companies growth for 2018. Upcoming months are also foreign-markets expansion, mostly at Middle East and in USA. Smart Technology Group will be present at most important fair trades in Europe. The closest opportunity to meet with Polish startup will be Intertraffic Amsterdam (March 20-23rd). Products and solutions for car park drive in/drive out control management will be shown there.