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11 07 2017
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SMART RFID: The Sitxth Star For Your Hotel

Full control over hotel assets, modern conference service, multidimensional comfort for guests and prestigious brand of friendly and innovative place. All this ? and more ? can be guaranteed by SMART RFID, highly advanced products from Smart Technology Group.

New technologies have for good made themselves comfortable at hotels all around the world. However, it is rare to come across at least one such adaptation which solves more than one problem and produces benefits simultaneously for guests, staff, and hotel managers. SMART RFID does it all. Let?s look closer what is the new quality that SMART RFID brings for hotels and all tourist industry.

Everything is Available

Every hotel faces similar challenge: control over bedding. The big number of linens and their heavy rotation (changing and laundering) make it difficult for personnel to locate specific bedding and to assess what is the total number of all lining sets. There is no chance to eliminate thefts which are a genuine loss-generating nightmare.

This unsolvable problem can be now defeated ? with automatic stock-taking, tracking and anti-theft protection provided by SMART RFID. RFID UHF tags, little and invisible for guests, put into bedding and personnel?s working clothes, make these hotel assets easy to track and inventory. RFID UHF technology allows for identification of tagged products from great distance (up to 8 meters) and through obstacles (even products packed into box or bags are visible). Products can be identified collectively (during 1 second even 300 items). Fixed mobile RFID UHF readers (Master 01) and mobile ones (Neo 01) are used for tag identification.

That way, hotel staff have complete knowledge on the total amount of bedding sets. Stock taking, which has been time-consuming and burdensome, is shortened to barely few seconds. This is all that it takes for RFID UHF reader to scan all tags.

Equally quickly any tagged product can be found. Its position can be verified with PC or mobile application.

Tags sewn into bedding or strapped to staff?s clothes are also an effective anti-theft protection. After assembling gates at strategic locations (e.g. in lobby or nearby exit doors), all theft attempts will be detected. Tags will work even when hidden deep in someone?s suitcase. In that situation, sound alarm will be launched or hotel personnel will be notified about that event.

Exemplary Conference

Every significant hotel offers conference and events organization. With SMART RFID it is easy to launch highly advanced conference system, guarantying the highest comfort: both for event participants, as well as for organizers.

SMART RFID brand products use not only passive RFID, but also Bluetooth. Such combination gives more possibilities than other solutions. And what are these possibilities?

Invitations or ID cards which are given to guests, will have RFID tags. Every tag will have written information about its owner: name, surname, what events he participates in, what are their locations etc. Antennas, which are assembled in corridors or in registration zone, identify guests and on the nearby screens, display information which lead guests to proper rooms.

SMART RFID helps in automatic guests registration. When person is within antenna?s reach, he/she is automatically added to list of participants. That simple way makes it possible to eliminate any staff participation. Chances of errors ? e.g. participant omission or directing him/her into wrong direction ? are effectively reduced. Automatization is also equal to acceleration. There are no queues and guests do not waste any moment on waiting for registration.

Moreover, if organizes prepares dedicated mobile app, SMART RFID can notify people with useful information directly on their smartphone.

With such smart event organization, it is much easier to enjoy interesting lecture or attendance at discussion panel.

Keys to Junk Room

Another significant SMART RFID convenience, which has been created for guests and personnel, is touchless access control. It replaces old and traditional method of typing access code (which, by the way, can be easily forgotten), proximity cards (which can be lost) or ordinary keys. Smart Technology Group proposes the combination of three wireless technologies: RFID UHF, Bluetooth, and GSM.

Let?s start with a situation, in which a guest books a hotel room. If hotel uses SMART RFID, then whole procedure comes basically to downloading mobile app for smartphone and generating electronic key. Guest does not have to go to reception to obtain any key. After arriving at hotel, he can go straight to his room. He will be of course guided by mobile app: guest will be correctly identified in lobby and all directions leading to a specific room will be shown at smartphone.

Smartphone is also a tool for opening a door. After choosing ?Open door? in application, guest can enter his room. But that is not all what SMART RFID guarantees. Access to room can be granted in a touchless way ? providing RFID UHF tag is used. The last option for opening door is using GSM technology, which means simply dialing a given number to open door and enter room.

Replacing traditional key with smartphone or RFID tag is not only a comfortable innovation. It also helps in increasing security. Firstly, people lose their smartphones relatively rarer than room keys. Secondly, even if smartphone or RFID tag is lost, hotel service can instantly modify access authorization and opening door with such smartphone or tag will become impossible.

The Effectivity Measurement

The last beneficiary of SMART RFID advantages is hotel board and managers. Equipping personnel with RFID tags allow to precisely register their work time. Such time attendance system does not require any proximity cards or signing on list. All that is needed is RFID tag.

Additionally, every employee can be easily tracked at any moment to verify if this person is really occupied with his duties. This SMART RFID feature is an important support for HR department.

Also, staff will benefit from SMART RFID advantages. RFID tags, which are worn by them, contain access authorization. Therefore, employee does not have to type any code nor put proximity card to scanner. Employee will be automatically recognized from distance.

To sum it up: with only set of readers, antennas, and tags of SMART RFID brand, it is enough for every hotel to get so precious and prestigious star: for comfort, innovation, and modernity.