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23 03 2017
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The season for changing tires is on. Service and retreading stations are in full swing. Many drivers decide now to purchase new tires or to keep their own at service station for next two seasons. And this is why such place should use SMART RFID.

With such competitive market and similar price offer, the surest advantage to attract driver?s attention is the quality of customer service. For service stations and vulcanization business it is also time that counts: the faster customer is served, the better. And the bigger profits for business owner.

SMART RFID works fine with both these aspects, offering useful support.


Searching with no resistance

The proper choice of tires is not only the fulfilling of driver?s demand. It means providing him with drive comfort and safety, too. How to quickly find tires that would work the best? Up to now it wasn?t an easy task, especially when a shop or a warehouse was filled with hundreds of such rubber products. But thanks to SMART RFID, a small, barely visible sticker makes that problem disappear.

And it happens because this sticker has RFID tag. With it, such marked tire becomes visible for mobile RFID UHF reader Neo 01. And because this RFID tag can contain many information (e.g. date of tire production, manufacturer, or detailed specification), you can find any tire in a few seconds. Your client is looking for GoodYear tire within price range 50-100 euros? Just type this data into application, grab your mobile RFID UHF reader Neo 01 and go to warehouse. Sound signal will let you know if you approach tire you are looking for.

Alternative option is available as well. Just assembly fixed RFID UHF reader and antennas to shelves where tires are kept. Then, after typing set of criterions into PC application, you instantly get detailed location of tire.


Solution for thousands of kilometers

RFID tags are famous for their durability. They work perfectly well in every weather condition and are immune to damages. Therefore, such RFID sticker will be working just fine for several years and several visits of your customer. It will also allow you to identify your client and find his tires faster. All customer service processes are lifted on higher level: client is not only served faster, but he also feels that he is treated with well-deserved attention.


Inventory: reinvented

They say that fortune is fickle. The same can be said about inventory based on traditional methods. Its result may be more or less accurate. It happens very rarely that inventory precision is satisfying. All owners of service stations or car & tire shops know it too well. Hence, they will appreciate SMART RFID advantages in this field.

This solution from Smart Technology Group offers unprecedented inventory precision, even up to 99,7%. But that?s not all that comes with SMART RFID. Tires can be scanned collectively and from significant distance, even from several meters. It means that whole process is shortened to a couple of seconds and can be done only by one employee.

Complete knowledge on level of tire supply makes the planning of orders easier. You know which models are most often bought, you know the clients? demand and you know which tires are least appealing to them. Without any hesitation, you can predict when you will run out of stock ? so you know when to plan delivery.

To sum it up, with small effort and costs (you just need tags, antennas and reader) you can significantly improve the efficiency of your service station or car & tire shop, increase the customer satisfaction and better order policy.

With such partner as SMART RFID you can go really far.