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30 05 2017
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Real Life Scenario: A Missing Package

It really happened: renowned courier company lost our package. It didn?t reach addressee, what caused the evident losses: prestigious and financial. Thereby SMART RFID is such a long-awaited solution for courier companies and millions of clients using their services.

Nightmare scenario ? but this time it came to life. A package with SMART RFID products which we sent disappeared. After our box was taken by courier, it simply got lost. Nobody could inform us where it is. The only proof for package existence was shipping confirmation. And our client?s anger and disappointment, who urgently needed RFID UHF products.

It is a real and painfully tangible clue why SMART RFID is so useful for logistics. If that specific courier company had used our brand products, there would be no chaos like this. Package would have reach addressee on time and for sure. Addressee himself would have a proper amount of time to install them and launch implementation. We wouldn?t have been in uncomfortable position, while courier company would have added one more successful delivery.

It would take only three SMART RFID brand products:

  1. tags ? used by courier to mark package
  2. antennas ? assembled in vehicles transporting packages, in sorting department and in distribution center;
  3. readers ? mobile readers used by couriers and staff from locations mentioned before and all other places where antennas are assembled.

These products are used for tracking package until it is in addressee?s hands. At every moment, it is possible to verify its location instantly and correctly. There would be no possibility that it would go astray at any stage of its journey.

The whole process starts with putting small RFID UHF tag on box, envelope, or cardboard. Such tag contains all basic and necessary information about package: who is a sender, who is addressee, tracking number plus any other data which matter for delivery (weight, size etc.). RFID UHF tags are known for their durability. Contrary to barcodes, there is no chance that they would be destroyed. Additionally, differently from barcodes, RFID UHF tags can be read from significant distance (up to 8 meters), through obstacles (no visual contact between reader and tag is needed) and collectively (at once 300 packages can be identified within 1 second).

This description is enough to present how many conveniences it can bring for courier companies.

A tagged package is put into a car, where it is transferred to sorting department and distribution centers and then, finally, to a person waiting for it. Vehicle has antennas and RFID reader to track package constantly. Courier, using his smartphone, can check what packages he is transporting, which ones have been recently added and which ones have been moved from car to sorting department. To put it shortly, with SMART RFID courier has full access to history of literally every single package.

In case he notices that any package is missing – even if it is the smallest available envelope ? he needs only few seconds to find out at which stage that package has disappeared.

Similar mechanism works at other crucial locations. There are antennas and fixed RFID UHF readers Masters 01 installed there. They register the incoming of every package, monitor its location during its whole stay in given point and save the exact time of package departure.

It is utterly important that SMART RFID brand products allows for constant and automatic 24/7 monitoring of parcels. No matter their size. SMART RFID makes it possible to build the reliable and precise Real Time Location System. Hence, there is no chance that this painful Package-Is-Gone-Missing scenario happens again.

What is more, employees working in sorting or distribution centers, can be equipped with mobile RFID UHF reader Neo 01. With that device in hand, it is enough to walk around hall to find any package just in dozens of seconds or few minutes (depending on hall?s size).

With SMART RFID it is easy to pinpoint the exact location of parcel and find out when it had been put there and how long it stayed there.

At any stage of delivery courier company instantly realizes that a package is missing. Equally quickly the reason of disappearance can be established and the current location can be identified. Fast reaction will result in eliminating problem and parcel could continue its journey.

It is obvious that SMART RFID brings advantages for three sides:

  1. courier company ? it can eliminate the case of missing packages and build its image as a reliable company that delivers parcels on time;
  2. addressees ? they will always get expected package and will be able to precisely track it;
  3. senders ? they can be 100% certain that their packages will reach addressees.

What else do courier companies need to use SMART RFID?