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09 06 2017
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Optimize Your Office with SMART RFID

The growing number of tasks, urgent deadlines and pressing competitors make that everyday job is disturbed with chaos and burden. Yet thanks to SMART RFID brand products, order will come to your office and your effectivity will increase.

What is the fundament of productive office? One in which managers have full insight into workers? professional engagement and space itself is arranged in a friendly way to all employees? The answer is: a thoughtful organizational culture. Culture that can be easily adapted into changing circumstances. Technological development, new communication and management opportunities are not only the new possibilities. They also inspire to modernize office. Those of managers, who will do it in the smartest way, will become the new market leaders.

Choosing SMART RFID brand will make it much easier to accomplish it.

No Barriers

Every day we face countless obstacles, which waste our precious time, disturb us and distract from assigned duties. Looking for ID card in a bag and then putting it to reader for every time we wish to enter office or any room. Prolonged looking for company hardware which has been moved by colleague. Burdensome and obligatory stock-taking of company?s assets. Managers frustrated by not having tools to verify where their employees spend working time and how much time they need for their tasks.

These all barriers that have real and, unfortunately, negative impact at company?s productivity.

And now let?s imagine a situation in which:

  1. time attendance system is automatized and touchless;
  2. access to rooms is granted without the necessity of typing code or putting ID card to scanner;
  3. every marked asset can be found in several seconds;
  4. stock-taking of any room is shortened to some second or few minutes and it is alwaycs correct-free;
  5. any employee can be tracked in a real time and then his time spent in selected office zones (incl. office space) can be checked.

These are the opportunities provided with SMART RFID: the brand of technologically advances products, using wireless technologies for automatic and precise identification.

The Organizational Structure

SMART RFID is composed of three basic elements:

  1. tags ? these are markers which make that specific person or item is visible, recognizable and defined actions can be initiated towards them. Tags are produced in many shapes: they can be lanyards worn by employees or little stickers glued to office assets;
  2. antennas ? located in strategic places, they acquire information about tags and then send it to RFID UHF readers;
  3. RFID UHF readers ? they read and interpret data written in tags (and received from antennas) and then initiate defined actions, assigned to every individual tag (e.g. give access, show current location of person or item).

To put it clearly, tag becomes an item or an employee, antenna is the pair of eyes looking for tags and RFID UHF reader is the brain of whole system and decides what to do.

Now let?s look closer what specific advantages SMART RFID can bring to our office.

Time Attendance System

Time of coming to office and leaving it by employee carrying RFID UHF tags (e.g. tag-lanyard or ID card with tag-sticker) is recorded automatically, from big distance and collectively. There is no need to put ID to reader or punch the card. Thanks to fact that antennas recognize people from several meters, they do not have to stop to register time of beginning the working day. What?s more, SMART RFID will correctly recognize even dozens of employees simultaneously.

Access Control

The same tags for employees can store access control data. To enter any room, it is unnecessary to put ID to scanner or type secret code. Access will be gained just when a person with tag is within antenna?s reach. SMART RFID allows also for opening door with mobile application or? by shaking smartphone.

Administrator can easily modify access control authorizations. In few seconds and remotely he can widen or narrow privileges for specific employees.

Location of Office Assets

The system of antennas and products marked with RFID UHF tags make it remarkably easy to create real time location system (RTLS). With it, any product may be instantly found. It is done with PC application that will precisely show the location of item we are looking for.


This is the area, where SMART RFID advantages can be seen in the clearest way. Employee carrying RFID UHF reader will correctly inventory even 300 products in 1 second. And he even doesn?t have to move. This is because NEO 01 reader can identify items from 8 meters. It means that time-consuming, burdensome, and discouraging activity is over. It is shortened to barely several seconds and its results always match the real stock.

Employees Monitoring

For HR and managers caring for optimizing the effectiveness of office team, it is crucial to be able to measure the professional engagement of employees. SMART RFID can be successfully applied for this area, too. Once again antennas and tags carried by people will be obligatory. Having them, it is possible to see in real time in which location / zone any given person is. It is also easy to verify if this person really spends time to complete assigned tasks, how often he/she goes for breaks, in which places does he/she stay the most often etc. What is important, SMART RFID works perfectly well also in open space. It gives chance to separate smaller areas from general space. This is significant convenience for managers.

The Final Decision?

Company?s strength and its market position is determined mostly by the management. One of criterion used for measuring management?s effectiveness is the range of introduced modifications. Are they implemented in a proper moment? Are they really bringing improvements? Are these improvements crucial for work optimization? Are they giving company the winning position on market?

If you reach for SMART RFID, you can be sure that answer to all above question is ?yes?.